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SGA and Student Life on Alpharetta issues


By: Julian Traas


When asked for quick, effective solutions to the issues facing Alpharetta Center, Student Government Association President Paul Nam, and Director of Student Life India Myers are realists. With regard to Student Activity Fee funded events for Spring Semester, Nam stresses the distinction between Jaguar Activity Group and SGA. He adds that it’s “a little too early to start planning. First we need to get students involved [with what we have going on now].” ‘Student involvement,’ to Nam, includes the formation of clubs and an increase in student initiatives.

The biggest student concern, as highlighted by Nam, is the non-existence of a lounge area. But, realistically, until there is a new building, there’s not much that can be done. “We are a ‘center,’ and not a campus, after all.” To keep student’s attention, Newton campus installed a ‘gaming area’ last year. Nam, on the subject of adding a Nintendo Wii, or something similar, to our center, says “Anything within the realm of what we can legally do is fine. I don’t want the focus to be on videogames, but if it grabs students’ attention, it might be worth considering. Really, that would be last resort.”

There was also talk, some months ago, of a budding contract between GPC Alpharetta and LA Fitness. When asked about it, Nam states that, “yes, there’s been talk about [this initiative], but no progress.” He adds that, “[Alpharetta] should get a lounge before a gym. It would promote students to stay on campus.”

Despite Nam’s ready attitude, the question of whether or not an understaffed SGA will be able to bring about the changes needed is worthy of being asked. “This year, Alpharetta SGA received the resources needed to recruit a full SGA, [allowing the organization] to add the Senate and JAG Chairs to the existing Executive and Student Court positions,” Myers said. “We have literally gone from seven positions to nineteen. […] We currently have leadership in all areas of the SGA […] and we will definitely continue to grow and better serve the students of Alpharetta Center. Some students are no longer receiving the financial assistance that was anticipated from home due to the fiscal condition the country is currently facing. […] The reality is that there is a time commitment associated with working with any organization.”

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