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Stay healthy for the holidays

By: Tia Lashay Heard

During this holiday season take time to learn about portion size and how to read nutrition labels so your good habits will not be compromised at the holiday table.  The holidays are lurking around the corner and threatening to sabotage healthy eating habits. However, the lure of dressing and desserts do not have to throw good habits off track. Try out these methods of staying healthy:


1.         Water is essential.When water is used properly, it curves the appetite.

As a general rule, drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. That might seem

like a daunting task, but try drinking one or two cups immediately upon waking, before and after each meal, and before bed time.


2.         Fiber works.

Fiber works with water and acts like a broom sweeping out all the waste that is sitting in the body and weighing it down. Instead of an extra serving of dessert, chose a cup of fruit or vegetables which contain the proper balance of fiber and water in each serving.


3.         There is no magic pill.

Exercise is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. Working out at least thirty minutes per-day three times per week will have the pounds melting away before your eyes.


4.         You are what you eat.

Do you feel bloated and sluggish after eating? Food that leaves you sluggish and bloated suggests high fat and sodium content which can hinder weight loss and promote weight gain.


5.         Keep a food and exercise journal.

Although it might seem like an unnecessary step to keep off extra pounds, it could make a difference in rather a weight management program succeeds or fails. Keeping record of every serving of food and completed exercise helps us to understand whether or not we are making healthy choices.


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