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Hungry, hungry wallets

By: David Schick


Auxiliary services at the GPC campuses have been called in to question – Why is there so much dissatisfaction and no attempts to change the status quo?

When GPC requires a facility, such as a bookstore or cafeteria, it seeks out third-party subcontractors through the Georgia Department of Auxiliary Services procurement registry. They submit a contract and wait for the lowest bidder.

The Smurti Corporation was the lucky recipient of a five-year contract to be reviewed once a year.

According to the contract, “GPC shall have the option, in its sole discretion, to renew this contract for up to four additional periods of one fiscal year each.”

From what was discussed in the Nov. 4 Student Government Associating meeting, the Campus Café rep said, “We pay the school,” yet the contract clearly states that, “Contractor will be paid for services provided pursuant to this contract in accordance with the Statement of Work and final pricing documents shown in Contractor’s Proposal.”

In the Service Level Agreement section of the airtight contract it includes the goal of establishing a data system that will allow GPC to measure the level of service provided by the vendor on a monthly basis. If the service level becomes unacceptable desired by GPC, “the contractor will be required to develop a plan of action to increase service levels to acceptable standards.”


Measurable Service Issues:

  • Number of Customer Complaints
  • County health Inspection score (Must be 90 or above)
  • Random inspections by GPC representative
  • GPC Secret Shopper scores
  • Increase in sales (reviewed monthly, scored annually)
  • Monthly commission received on time
  • Monthly sales reports and P&L received on time
  • Survey of students (at least 2 times per year)
  • Student meetings held to obtain feedback
  • Significant variances between budgeted and actual results


The Campus Café is required to follow the “Scope of Work” document provided by GPC that details what is expected and applies to the initial agreement.

GPC’s Core Mission of Campus Dining Services:

  • Provide quality, variety and nutritious price/value food service that meets the needs of its diverse students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Provide friendly, responsive, efficient, customer service to all customers while recognizing the student as the primary customer
  • Support the food service needs of students in an appealing and well-maintained environment
  • Foster nutrition education and healthful dining program offerings
  • Provide a flexible and creative catering program that meets the campus need for upscale as well as casual events
  • Develop venues that promote student interaction and create a sense of community
  • Promote sustainable products and programs
  • Be financially self-sustaining
  • Identify, develop and financially support existing and additional dining venues and concepts in keeping with the GPC Master Plan


As much dissension among students over Campus Café food and prices as there appears to be, how does it continue to stay in business?

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