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Letter from President Zachary Richmond

My Fellow GPC-Dunwoody Students,

Welcome back! It is going to be a great semester here at Dunwoody.

Last semester, SGA  updated some of our procedures. We created committees to reach you all.  Also, SGA has changed the way we evaluate our events, which will allow us to see how we are doing. We are going to advertise better to inform students of SGA activities. All of the changes we have implemented are designed to give students the best possible experience.

This semester our team has a lot planned. Our event line up starts with welcome week and ends with our biggest event- spring fling. It is going to be an awesome ride with a lot of laughs and kicks along the way.

We hope to recreate the recycling program, so recycling has more appeal to the students.  Leading the effort is Mollie Duff, who was head of the sustainability committee while at Reinhardt University.

Our main agenda is to increase the campuses social scene.  We will be working on two main initiatives this semester. We will begin surveying the student body for the college wide initiatives. At Dunwoody, the smoking hut is the biggest social scene.  We want to recreate that atmosphere at a different place on campus. This will  increase the interaction of students.  Basically, we want to enhance the social scene at Dunwoody.

This is the last semester of this administration. We have a fantastic team: Domonike Wheeler, Mollie Duff, David Bennett, GP Loli, Jauquinn McCullough, and Jennifer Zenteno. Our treasurer position and 2 senate positions are open, and should be filled no later than the beginning of February. The Jaguar Activity Group (JAG) is also short two positions, community service chair and wellness chair. The remaining members are, Kenneth, Darian, Kim, and Mariama.  We are greatful for Mrs. Johnson and the direction she gives. 

I wish everyone the best of luck this semester!

President Zachary T. Richmond

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