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Change your brain change your life

By Johanna Zimmerman

Do you ever find yourself stressed, tired or depressed and want to know why? Do you want to learn how you can gain health for your whole body that lasts a lifetime?

Thursday, Jan. 9 an event held by Student Life member Martha Wallace took place inside the GPC Clarkson campus library auditorium where students were educated about how everyday behaviors affect the health of their brain.

In the seminar, Dr. D.G. Amen, the spokesperson in the power point video that was featured, explains how enhancing the health of the human brain can directly affect a person in every area of their life.

Dr. Amen provided a few key guidelines for changing and keeping your brain in a healthy state.

The first guideline is as to how you feed your brain. There are some target foods that everyone should try to keep in their diet.

According to Dr. Amen, these foods are “good carbs, lean proteins, green vegetables and vitamins should always stay apart of the nutrition you intake. Specifically foods such as avocados, broccoli, green tea, oatmeal, oranges, red bell peppers, salmon, spinach, tuna, turkey, and walnuts.”

The second guideline that Dr. Amen gives is to make sure you get enough sleep, “I know that the older people get and the more busy they become they often make the mistake of thinking that getting enough sleep is not as important as it is but if you are lacking sleep it will greatly affect your attitude and mood because your brain and mind need rest.”

Thirdly, Dr. Amen advises that you becareful who you keep as company and the kinds of media that you allow your brain to receive, specifically he tells viewers to watch the messages that are in the media that they consume.

Lastly, Dr. Amen advises not to rely on medication when dealing with being frequently tired or depressed as much as exercising daily; he advises that you do not take any anti-depressant without working out on a regular basis.

These guidelines will not only help to keep a person healthy now but have great long-term benefits such as reducing the chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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