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Classy dates

By Kaylyn Hinz


Classy dates are something every girl enjoys.

There is nothing worse than being excited about a date and at the end of the night feeling disappointed from the guy you truly like. If a girl has not experienced a nice classy date and they have been together for awhile, it is time to get out and move on.

Classy dates are memorable; you will remember the dates even if you are not with each other anymore. These dates can be expensive, but here are a few tips for Valentine’s Day that should help.

If going to a ballet, you do not have to spend a fortune to get good seats.

The seats that are worth only 30 dollars are just as good.

If going to a nice restaurant, order water. It is a polite gesture for any guy who pays for an expensive date.

I do not necessary think classy dates have to be expensive, but at the very least they need to show that the guy put effort into it.

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