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Google’s new steps to success

By Kyndell Mizell

Google has launched its new feature to the world of media, competing with Amazon.com and the superior Apple Inc., who has been the leader of the music distribution business for about eight years.

Google was running a beta music site in May last year, only giving a million invites to a select group of people allowing them to test out the application and suggest any thoughts of improvement they thought necessary.

Now the site has made a public appearance and is expected to reach over 200 million Android device users.

The new music store is available through the Android Market, which gives Android Smartphones the opportunity to easily buy music ranging from 69 cents to $1.29 and share bought music through Google Plus to their circle of friends.

This music app pulls music that is already stored on your personal computer and stores it in a ‘cloud,’ similar to Apple’s iCloud, then streams it directly to your personal mobile Android device providing instant access to your musical library anywhere.

Google is offering this new feature free of charge for storing up to 20,000 songs.

Google has partnered with EMI Group ltd., Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music leaving out Warner Music Group but including various independent labels to make 13 million songs easily accessible to the public.

Independent artist are also able to submit their music to the store for a flat fee of $25.

A free song will be offered for a limited of time by various artists ranging from Busta Rhymes to Coldplay and Shakira to the Dave Mathews Band.

Google is working to be the one-stop shop while surfing the net revealing two major media attributions to the World Wide Web just last year, Google Plus and Google Music.

Google’s next endeavor will also be competing with Apple’s iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. There are rumors that Google is constructing their own tablet and it will be released sometime within the first half of this year.

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