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GPC goes beyond green

By Johanna Zimmerman


GPC goes beyond “green” in efforts to bring standard classroom curriculum to life and to get more students involved in the community.

“Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli was engaged in conversations with faculty about sustainability last spring. It became apparent that GPC members became concerned with green issues and wanting to bring them to the classroom,” said the new director of the sustainable living and environmental studies, Dr. Joanne Chu.

The purpose of the sustainable living and environmental studies group, a group that is a part of the Atlanta Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning Department, means more than the “going green” term that people are familiar with.

The group has been active since September 10, 2011 and has four main topic issues: ecology, economy, equity, and to engage.

“Dekalb County has a land field that only has a certain amount of space, when that space is used up where does our garbage go?” Dr. Chu is looking for student leaders who will take part in launching the effort and educating other students about it.  “There are students at the Dunwoody campus that are interested in planting a garden because they care about whether or not fresh food is being served on campus.”

During the month of February, Dr. Chu will be informing SGA officials at each of their prospective campus meetings.

“If a student wants to start a garden all they have to do is come to me,” says Dr. Chu, “Whether it is for student life or to promote environmental literacy in academic courses.”

Lastly, Dr. Chu reveals some of the groups plans in the future, “We have a vision to do a campus wide Earth Day event. So if a club or group wants to sponsor an Earth Day event, they should let us know.”

For more information please email sustainability@gpc.edu.

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