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Black and proud

By Tejai Henry


February happens to be just another month for many Americans, but to African Americans, Black History Month is a month of celebration.

Black History Month recognizes the struggles many had to face to achieve the freedom we have today. Struggles such as disparity, mistreatment, cruelty, segregation, harsh battles, injustice, and the biggest of all slavery.

Many know the biggest faces when it comes to Black History Month, such as: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and W.E.B. DuBois, but many do not know about Dr. Cater G.Woodson.

Woodson established the Association for the Study of Nergo Life and History, now called the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, and in 1926 he launched Black History Month formally known as Nergo History Week.

He chose the second week in February because of two great leader’s birthday who falls in this month, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Many schools in America take this month to explain to their students the importance behind Black History Month and why we celebrate it. It is important for students not only to understand recent history concerning African-Americans, but also to understand their past.

It does not matter on how you celebrate the month, or what you may know about this month. As long as you take the time out to say thank you to the ones who lost their lives in order to give us the freedom we have today.

“Black is not simply the color of another’s face. Being black brings centuries of pain, joys, challenges, successes and cultural nuances. “ –  Marlon Hill

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