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My crappy valentine

By Sasha Phillip


We all know Valentine’s Day is about the cliché hearts, kisses, roses, and chocolates.

They have these cute commercials about the “perfect date” and how your significant other should wine and dines you on this special day.

Have you ever had one of those dates that you envisioned being so great but the actual date wasn’t even up to par?

Think of a crush or significant other asking you out to a movie and dinner. What can so wrong in a movie theater you sit eat popcorn and watch a movie? Well, think again!
Normally, you meet your date there, he buys your ticket and you get refreshments. In this case, when I got there, he already was in the movie so I paid for myself (strike one).
During the movie he was so scared he was covering his eyes and his body, assumed the fetal position and then kept tapping me every second saying, “Oh my gosh! What’s happening now?” (strike two)
When the movie was over we went red lobster. Surely he can redeem himself from the movie.
He ordered the lobster, cracked it, spilled juice all on my jeans and then all he said was, “My bad.”
After the check came he had the audacity ask to split it in half!I paid for my cheap meal and went home.
That was the worst date I’ve ever been on. For the future dates I never get my hopes too high because it only leads to disappointment.

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