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Pearl Cleage Speech

By Breanna Wimby


Fame showed its face to GPC recently in the form of Pearl Cleage, an award winning author and playwright. She spoke at Clarkston Campus on Feb. 16, 2012 at 6:30pm in the Marvin Cole Auditorium. What was advertised as “A few words on That Word: exploring the challenges of culture and diversity” became far more than that as the Atlanta-based author unfolded the passion behind her work for the audience.

Cleage’s string of novels have spent weeks on the bestsellers lists as well as earning numerous awards from people such as Oprah. Before this, she spent ten years as a columnist for The Atlanta Tribune, as well as doing many freelance pieces for different publications such as Ebony and ESSENCE. Her most recent play sold out during its performance in Atlanta in 2007.

During her speech, Cleage spoke about her life and the struggles writers have gone through to get the truth told.
During the question and answer session, when Cleage was asked if she had any advice for the cast members of the upcoming production of her play “Blues for Alabama Sky,” Cleage answered with a smile, “I have gratitude and great love for [the cast] for choosing to be actors. For choosing to do the work that is so necessary for me as a playwright. . .. I can’t do what I do without you so I say. I don’t have any advice, I have big thanks.”

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