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Springing to a cold break

By Kaylyn Hinz


When the words “Spring Break” are brought up in a conversation, most people automatically think: beach, friends and party.

What is the one theme we all tend to associate the most with it? Warmth. This year, though, spring break is so early for almost every college in Georgia and the chilly beach is not an ideal vacation for any college student.

There are a few options to take into consideration.

Taking a cruise to the Caribbean is about the only place close enough where you will be warm and comfortable. Cruises are fairly inexpensive and the prices range depending on how long and what cruise line.

Another option is heading further north and hitting the slopes. Since Georgia does not have the coldest winters, this is the suggestion if you want to have the full on snow experience instead of balmy beaches.

The biggest problem college students have today is money and I know I am not alone. After paying for fee’s and books the last thing I want to do is spend more. Instead of going somewhere for spring break with my friends, we have decided to go in May for many reasons.

If we go in May we have more time to save money, a warmer climate and a time for relaxation since the high schools will not be finished with school yet. It is a win-win situation.

Another conflict many students have is that most of their professors have tests or midterm’s right after spring break, so the whole break is spent studying.

If you feel that you cannot stay in town much longer and want a getaway, then go for it. Think wisely about your options and the climate this time of year before you make any decisions.

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