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Waiting for the waiting room

By: Kevin A. Jackson


I have to admit, the new Student Health Center was a great idea. It provides medical help to students and staff who otherwise cannot afford medical services.

The issue is one location is not nearly enough.


According to SHC web page, there will be a mobile clinic which travels to Dunwoody and Decatur campuses but will only visit one campus per week, Dunwoody twice a month. The calendar shows that the mobile unit will start providing services to the other two campuses after spring break, the halfway mark of the semester.


Why was the Clarkston campus the chosen one? Dr. Diane White, dean of health services says, “The decision was made purely on space. It was the only campus that had space for it and already was constructed in 2005 for such but never used for a center.”


Until more space is created on other campuses, the Clarkston SHC will be the only place to get full usage of services rendered and is basically a trial run. Based on the response of students and employees, plans may be drawn for health clinics to be placed at Newton and Alpharetta where the two most distant campuses can more easily access.


It’s frustrating to think that even though the school has been around since 1964 and has grown by leaps and bounds, only now did someone decide to provide some means of care to the students. The problem precedes Dr. White’s tenure at GPC, which started in 2007, “When I came to GPC I was surprised that such a large college had no health services for students.”


As the saying goes, better late than never. At this point, wondering why it took so long to acquire these services is pointless. Now, GPC needs to move forward and accomedate it’s students with more than what has been provided.

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