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“Activity Hour” at Alpharetta

By Mallory Blount

The members of SGA are trying to boost student involvement at Alpharetta.

With dozens of plans for events and student opportunities, SGA is attempting to foster a sense of community around Alpharetta.

In their meeting on Friday the 16th of March, presiding SGA members discussed several initiatives. Among the many events in the idea pipeline is a bi-weekly “Activity Hour.”

This “Activity Hour” would take place in various reserved rooms around campus where students could drop by and learn about SGA while enjoying free food and participating in activities. These activities could range from a movie to board games to Xbox. It was even suggested that a study room be set up for students wishing to study and bond with their classmates.

The idea behind “Activity Hour” is to get students acquainted with the SGA members so that a connection can be established between SGA and the student body.

“We’re hoping it’ll boost student involvement significantly,” SGA members Geoffrey Cooper explains, “In a kind of Keynesian economics way, involvement will ‘trickle down’ to other clubs/organizations like SGA and the Collegian which is good for everyone.”

SGA wants to know what changes their fellow students wish to see around campus. They believe that the way to accomplish this is by forming relationships with their GPC peers.

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