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Earth day rotates celebration to week

By Tammy Woolcock


 GPC has revamped Earth Day deciding to make it a week-long event beginning on April 16 and ending with the Green Expo on April 23.

The celebration officially begins on the Dunwoody campus with the signing of the Climate Commitment Act by GPC president, Dr. Anthony Tricoli. The act will signify GPC’s commitment to lowering the carbon footprint on all its campuses.

The catalyst to the Earth Day events at GPC occurred last year when faculty member Athertina Steinau opened one of her monthly bills, which contained a pamphlet on how to conserve energy. Her idea was simple, “I wanted to get companies to demonstrate how they were being sustainable. In turn, this would allow students to learn through real life demonstrations and place emphasis on what was being taught in the classroom.”

Just as last year, Chevrolet will be providing a Chevy Volt electric car for display at the Dunwoody campus.

“It will emphasize what is being done by companies and steps that can be taken to live sustainably,” said Steinau about Earth day Green Expo. Khadijat Abdulkadir, a sustainability intern, said “I think of Earth day as a day to celebrate the earth and I am proud of all the clubs and students who have come together to organize these events.”

  • April 17, the Student Government Association will be hosting “Screen on the Green,” which will feature the movie “Waste Land.”
  • April 18, Shaundra Hopkins, president of the Environmental Science Club, will be hosting a speaker from the restaurant Farm-Burger.
  • April 19, the History and Political Science Club, GPC Engage, SGA, along with the Jaguar Activity Group will host a Scavenger hunt.
  • April 20, the Atlanta Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning is requesting volunteers to assist in a clean-up of the Stone Mountain Park. Events for April 21and the 22 are currently tentative.
  • April 23, will be a culmination of student, faculty, and business collaborations. Dubbed the Green Expo, there may be about 15 different vendors on the walk of fame catering to the curiosity of students on sustainability. Some of the vendors will include Dekalb Watershed Management, Clean Air Campaign, Whole Foods, Farm-burger, Campus Café, Marta, and Chevrolet.

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