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Leaving Class

By Erin Cotter


If you’ve attended more than one class at GPC, you probably have noticed students getting up and walking out of class before the class ends or when the professor is in mid-sentence.

Students have mixed views on whether this is appropriate behavior or not.

Fredrick Dixon, a criminal justice major and also is in the military, has noticed this happening in many of his classes and even admits to leaving early at certain times. “I think the professor thinks it is a distraction when they are interrupted. Students begin to pay more attention to the people leaving than to the lecture being presented.”

Dixon said in the military, “The consequences for walking out on a commanding officer’s speech would depend on the squad leader, but usually it would be in the form of physical corrective training like push-ups, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, etc.”

Gian Piero Loli, a business administration major, has a different view on the issue, “Maybe they’ll realize that his/her lecture may be boring to a particular student.”

Other students do not feel that anything good comes from students leaving early. Dunwoody student, Chris Sheng, has noticed this happening in almost all of his classes.

“It is definitely a distraction for the students and even more for the teacher because it causes them to lose their train of thought for a second … For a teacher losing their train of thought for just a second can affect the lecture a lot,” said Sheng.

Whether students disagreed about how the consequences of leaving early, almost all students agreed that it should be done only in emergency.


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