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AIDS Concern

Let’s Talk About Sex
By A Concerned English 1102H Class

Three students right here at Georgia Perimeter College have a deadly, likely

> fatal disease. There is no real cure. Sure, there are medications they
> can take if they don’t mind night terrors, depression, or other
> potentially life-threatening side effects. Even scarier is the fact
> that a great number of students at GPC are at risk and may even have

> this disease without knowing it. I am talking about HIV/AIDS. My English
> 1102H class conducted a survey of 280 students to find out what people

> at this school know about this awful STD. The survey included
> questions about the students’ personal lives and a question about how

> HIV is transmitted. Surprisingly, though 79% of students said they
> had learned formally about AIDS, only 18% of those surveyed who claim to
> have been educated fully knew how the disease is transmitted.

> We discovered that more than a fourth of those surveyed have had

> anywhere from two to fifty sexual partners in the last year, and an

> overwhelming majority of the students who are sexually active

>do not always have safe sex. For example, a lot of people listed birth control

> as a precaution against AIDS, but birth control does absolutely
> nothing to protect against disease. So this means that there are a
> bunch of people who are probably contracting HIV and spreading it to

> other people. Many people have a flippant attitude toward STDs

> in general, because the thought is, “It won’t happen to me. I guess if
> anything happens, there’s always medicine.” But the reality is that

> though medicine can help, it will not absolutely cure AIDS,
> though it will prolong one’s life, but at a terrible price.  In

> light of all this, my class is going to go promote safe, STD-free
> lifestyles at the health fair at the Dunwoody Campus on April 11, from
> 10am-2pm in the Students Center. So come and visit our booth! We will
> be handing out condoms, fliers with information about AIDS and where
> you can go to get tested to see if you have this disease. This should
> be a good time to find out more about how you and your friends can
> avoid this disease. It is so sad that there have been so many
> deaths in America alone from this disease, especially in the last 25
> years, and that there is still no cure; but the worst crime of all is
> that the generation since then has lost the sense of almost paranoid
> precaution against this serious disease. But we can all change this if we refuse to be passive and instead acknowledge that this is a serious problem which cannot be taken lightly. And if we do this, we can prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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