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Alpharetta makes plans for Spring Fling

By Mallory Blount


SGA didn’t have quorum at their meeting on Friday, March 31 because there were not enough voting members present. Despite the obstacle many ideas were shared and plans set in stone.

The biggest item on SGA’s agenda is the upcoming Spring Fling. Spring Fling is a week of festivities from April 16-19. With events set for each day, the week is supposed to be the last hoorah before the semester ends.

For a couple of months now SGA members have been juggling the idea of renting dunk tanks for one of the events of Spring Fling. These dunk tanks would be set up on campus and would house compliant professors who are not afraid to get wet. Get ready Alpharetta students, local hero and SGA member Conor Cooper has been negotiating to get four dunk tanks for those who seek revenge on a professor for that undeserved D+.

Another event that has been in the mill for a while now is an Open Mic on campus. The event would feature a DJ and would be open to anyone who would like to sing, dance, recite, snap, chant, or even yodel. This event will be open to the public and is a way to let Alpharetta students be heard.

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