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Alpharetta SAF budget hearing

By Mallory Blount


Several clubs went before the Alpharetta Student Government Association requesting budget funds for the next fiscal year on March 23, at 11 a.m.

The forum was supposed to end at 1 p.m., but ended up being extended until late that afternoon.

“We had a bunch of money requested that we couldn’t allocate,” Jake Hutchinson, vice president of the SGA, explained.

Among the groups requesting funds for the following year was the Juntos Club, Honors Program, and the Health, Wellness and Recreation program.

Dean Nash presented the proposed budgets for eight different groups including the Student Life program, SGA administration, and various branches of JAG.

Despite the fact that he was representing so many different organizations, Dean Nash made it clear that he did not take his role lightly. “All eight of these things pertain exclusively to Alpharetta,” he said. “[The funds] won’t be going anywhere else.”

About the controversial fact that SGA has to approve a budget for their own organization Shrena Jenkins, an SGA participant, asserted, “We tried not to be biased. We were fair across the board.”

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