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Alpharetta SGA voting turnout

By Mallory Blount


Voting for new SGA officials for Fall of 2012 occurred on the 11 and 12 of April. In addition to an email that was sent to all students a booth was set up in the Alpharetta lobby with a computer to make it easy for students to vote.

Despite the signs posted around school, SGA still had a difficult time tallying up any votes. Not one of the dozens of Alpharetta students interviewed had voted. Even the few students who did know about the voting process taking place did not seem to show any interest in voting. Alpharetta student Caroline Brown says, “I saw the sign for voting downstairs, and a guy in my Psych class is running for office. I did not vote.”

The SGA candidates did not allow the lack of enthusiasm to rain on their parade, however. While senatorial hopeful Steven Kemeny passed out Lolly-pops between classes to students Presidential nominee Shrena Jenkins passed out glow sticks to voters.

Shrena Jenkins is hopeful that more students will express an interest in joining SGA. “We still have several positions open for SGA. We need you! Go see Mrs. India Myers about filling out an application! We need people who are dedicated and passionate.”

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