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Dunwoody SGA Elections

By Jeffrey Davis


The Student Government Association at Dunwoody held their officer and senator elections on April 12, 2012. Even with this important election taking place, some students did not even know that any voting was going on. Memorie Williams was not only unaware that the elections were taking place, but she also did not know who the candidates were.  “If you are not going to put it out, then why have it?” was the statement that Memorie made when asked about the lack of campaigning and advertisements for the elections and candidates.

Thomas Payton, a Business Administrations Major, also did not know about the elections or who the candidates were. Thomas shared his reason for why he and possibly many other students were indifferent to the elections. “This is a two-year college, so I am trying to do my time and move on.” Thomas did comment on what could have been done to advertise the elections. “They should have done a better job at letting it be known and the candidates should have campaigned.” Emma McCrary, another GPC student that did not know about the elections; stated that “If they wanted to have votes, then they should have gotten the word out.” Another student that shared his thoughts about the elections was Sean Pope, who stated that “There needs to be an effort to promote awareness because students need to know about it.” Sean also commented on why these elections are important ,“This is something that affects students, part of our tuition goes into this.” One reason that the student body might have been unaware of the candidates was because The Collegian had just released its first April edition with the names of the candidates that were up for election, the same day that the elections were taking place.

There were, however; some students that did know about the elections. Keith Wilkinson thought that he had gotten an email about the elections. Keith did express his thoughts about the election lack of advertisement, “They should have put a lot more into it, so students would know about it.” Keith did express his  confidence with student involvement in the election by saying, “I am sure that a lot more students would have voted if they had known it.”Keith also expressed that the Spring Fling celebration received a great deal of  advertisement and that many students were present for it. Another student that did have knowledge about the elections was Saara Haile. Saara did, however; express her concerns with the efforts taken to promote the elections. “They should have done a better job at advertisement because the students would have known.”

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