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Dust cloud from parking lot 11

By Tammy Woolcock


This spring season students on the Dunwoody campus have had to cope with two nuisances, the seasonal pollen, and an amazing amount of dust from the unpaved area on parking lot 11.

The beginning of each class period causes a new flow of traffic entering and exiting the school premises. Whenever a car drives on this area of  lot 11, it leads to an enormous cloud of dust. It rises as high as the light posts in the parking lot, and depending on the gust of the wind it travels extensively to other areas on campus.

Nadjee McKinnie  a student at GPC Dunwoody said, “The parking lot is very uneven and has numerous pot holes. This makes it very harmful to my car suspension and leads to unwanted maintenance cost.”

Cars that are parked in lot 11 usually succumb to the environment  and adapts to being the grey colored dust found in the parking lot. Hence, if you decide to spoil your vehicle to a wash it would be advisable to avoid lot 11.

“For years that area of parking  lot 11 had an old building that was was eventually torn down in 2009,” said Sharon Topping, interim facilities manager for the Dunwoody Campus.

According to Lewis Godwin, director of facilities planning and projects, “At one time, the Board of Regents had an additional academic building for the Dunwoody Campus on their list of future projects.  The building was anticipated to be built in this location and it would have been wasteful to pave this lot only to remove it shortly thereafter.

The building plans were later stopped by the Board of Regents, due to a lack of political support from locally elected officials.

Topping admitted, “Parking lots are difficult it all revolves around money and when you get funding.”

At this point there seem to be only two possible solutions to this dilemma. One, hope for some type of funding to complete the parking lot or move forward with the building plans; or two, drive at a reasonable speed in that area of parking lot 11.

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