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Film and Animation Bachelor’s in limbo

by Adam Waldorf


A proposed Bachelor’s degree in Film and Animation at GPC, slated to be in place by fall 2012, is on hold indefinitely.

The proposal’s course curriculum chair, film instructor Elizabeth Lathrop, cited budget issues and pending Board of Regents approval as reasons that the program is not on track.

Faculty and staff sources say that there are budgetary concerns at GPC due to an anticipated drop in enrollment.

“[The degree] is likely to happen, I just don’t know on what timeline,” chair of Fine Arts and Humanities, David Koffman said.

Koffman is excited about the prospects for the proposed program, which was originally reported in The Collegian. “We’ve had so much student interest in the program since that article came out, I don’t think we’ll have any problem meeting our enrollment goals,” he said. “We don’t want to just produce animators. We want to get students some foundation knowledge in animation, film studies and film production. One thing that makes our program unique as opposed to the program at [Savannah College of Art and Design] is those students just go in and study animation.”

Currently, Koffman is focused on getting the courses needed for junior year students in place before the program begins. Courses in sequential art and film studies are the priority.

Koffman says GPC is well positioned to have a Film and Animation degree. “The thing that holds most schools back from implementing programs like this is the funding for technology, which we have in place through our student tech fee money. Also, the MediaSpot is a huge support infrastructure for this program.”

One major question for the program is who will be teaching courses. “We’ve got a lot of faculty in other areas that have experience in film and animation,” Koffman said. “So it would be a matter of looking at who we have and what we can do with what we have, but I would imagine we’d have to have new faculty to teach specific things like 3D animation and 2D animation.”

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