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Future increases in GA tuition

By Kyndell Mizell

It is final, on June 30, 2012 college tuition for Georgia will increase.

As if paying tuition wasn’t already enough, the Board of Regents has decided to raise tuition on average by 2.5% for 32 of 35 institutions.

Although this is the lowest tuition increase since 2003, this doesn’t mean that every school in Georgia will be effected equally.

In fact GPC will probably have one of the lowest increases in the state.

“We looked at the quality of what they’re getting for the price they’re paying and compare that to the other schools,” said Chancellor Hank Huckaby.

The issue is for those scholars that will be transferring to one of the three “research universities.”

At one point in time these three research schools had the same tuition. “I think it’s appropriate that we get away from this ‘one size fits all’ at our research universities,” says Huckaby.

When the next semester comes around Georgia Tech who received the highest increase percentage will pay $3,859 per semester which is a 6% increase, University of Georgia was increased by 5% which boosted tuition to $3,823 per semester, and Georgia State has increased $127 a semester bringing them up 3.5% to a total of $3,768.

There are about 254 student fees in this state only 18 have been adjusted to meet this new tuition price. “We carefully reviewed fee increase requests and limited increases to those absolutely necessary,” said USG Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs John Brown.

This hurts students that already have to pay out of pocket to receive a quality education. Even students that receive HOPE will have more money to dish out to fulfill the needs of this new tuition.

Brown conclude that the “funding was allocated in an effort to address priorities including college completion, reducing teacher-student ratios, and enhancing direct student services.”

The increase is of course a way to provide us with a better education, giving students a better teacher student ratio, better libraries and a more comfortable class room experience.

With the new change it is now vital that upcoming graduates and students looking to transfer in the future choose the school that will be  budget friendly when picking the path of education after Georgia Perimeter College.

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