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How to control stress

By Nicole Potter

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On March 28 2012 a group of GPC Nursing Students set up a Health Fair on the Clarkston Campus. There were tables with information about: Nutrition, STDs/Safe Sex, Effects of Smoking, Stress Management, Cholesterol Screenings, and Blood Pressure readings available for the students to visit, ask questions, and receive information that can better their health.

One specific booth, Stress Management, was presented by students who are currently in their 2nd semester of the program, and in a clinical group under the supervision of Beth Yates, RN, MSN. Nursing students: Nicole Potter, Meghan Gorka, Katy Cline, Heather Jordan, Jennifer Rivas, Chris Hill, Rene Bran and Chiquilla Day provided those at the Clarkston campus with pamphlets, punching balloons, and mints as they educated students about ways to reduce stress. Those who visited the booth were asked to participate in a poll, providing their age, gender, and top daily stressor. The chart provided breaks down the results from the 100 students who participated. It can be seen that each age group has their own set of stressors, yet the stress of school was mentioned in all the age groups

As students in a non-traditional college experience, we are not only obligated to upholding school commitments but also demands from: jobs, finances, children, parents, boyfriends/girlfriends, wives/husbands. Having to juggle these tasks can create very hectic days, and stress levels that are often “off the charts”. Here are some ways that you can manage your stress in a productive, healthy way:

  1. Exercise, it not only reduces stress, but adds years to your life and puts your mind and body in a better, overall state of health. (ie: run, walk, bike, play tennis)
  2. Read a book
  3. Listen to your favorite music
  4. Ask for help, don’t feel like you are alone. Reach out to friends, family for assistance.
  5. Create a budget
  6. 6.       Prioritize,  keep up with important dates and deadlines.
  7. 7.       Don’t procrastinate
  8. Know your limits, it’s okay to say NO
  9. Take ME time. 30 minutes of time for you with no interruptions

Balancing education and everyday life is never an easy task. As the end of the school year draws near, take some time to try these stress relief techniques as you prepare for final exams. You may be amazed at the difference it makes, and how much more in control of your life you may feel! Handling your stress now will not only allow you to better perform in school, and other aspects of your life, but will also provide for better management of your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health.


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