By Joya Jackson


Take the time to reflect on what an average student does during the week. Within those contemplations, you may discover how busy your life may be while being overwhelmed with strenuous assignments at school, or simply trying to juggle work and relaxation. Students will continuously face obstacles, but a major one that appears inevitable in the life of a college student is the act of being excessively busy. Sometimes the busier a person is, the less time they can indulge in leisure activities with friends, family, and loved ones. Not only are these precious moments lost, but a side of creativity and talent that each person obtains is unconsciously neglected.

A student should overlook their burdened overactive lifestyle replacing their way of life with a positive reaction of liberation while attending an event like NAKEDiZE EXPRESSiON. Doing so, could be an open pathway in the lives of those who want to “Release” negativity involved with stress, and “Receive” a burst of enlightenment influenced by artistic expression which could “Reveal” an unidentified identity. Dunwoody’s creative writing professor Louise McKinney stated “It’s great that GPC students can come out and support creative activities and reach out to the community.”

 What is NAKEDiZE? Nakedize [founded by  Clarkston student Krista Walker] is a mixture of GPC students and diverse individuals from different walks of life who view their existence through a lens with different perspectives, yet learn from others around them in a way that creates a loving, growing, and indulgent community. Walker stated “The Expression will be a phenomenal experience for GPC students because it is a place for them to not only stimulate their brains, but express the deepest parts of their hearts.”

 The EXPRESSION is an event associated with NAKEDiZE that promotes creativity based off a topic chosen once a month, and is expressed through talent involving visual arts, dance, spoken word, free style, singing, painting etc. Dunwoody’s Student Government Association student Usman Bako mentioned “It would help burn the bridge that separate people of different ethnicities, providing a base for networking.”    Although individuals are open to express freely, offensive language is not permitted in order to respect others.

The EXPRESSiON will be held at Acoustixx Jazz Café in Atlanta, GA, and will launch May 4th at 7p.m. to 10 p.m. and will continue first Fridays of every month. Although free for everyone, monetary donations and canned goods are encouraged to help support NAKEDiZE and their sponsor Hosea Feed the Hungry.

If interested, contact Krista Walker at nakedize@gmail.com with the subject EXPRESSiON

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