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New York Experience

By Kaylyn Hinz


Going to New York for the first time was probably the best Vacation I have experienced up to date, being completely serious. The Spring College Media Convention taught me mostly three main things AP writing style, internships, and how to improve my interviewing skills. Meeting writers and editors from New York Times, and OK Magazine was also great, they gave me advice that I know I can take with me from here on out.

The sightseeing was also amazing! Times Square, Central Park, and Ground Zero were our main stops. When we took a left out of our hotel Times Square was right there, to the right, central park. I also got the chance to meet a lot of different people. It is always nice to meet new people when you have one main thing in common, Journalism. Bonding with the entire staff of The Collegian was very nice. After that trip I felt like everyone was so much closer and that helps with our team working skills.

Ground Zero hit hard for many of us, a couple of people did not even go because of how emotional it would be to them. I can say being there felt very eerie, I had goose bumps the entire time. The North and South tower fountains were beautiful, with names of the deceased surrounding all along the perimeter. That feeling is something that I will never forget and I am glad I experienced it.

Overall New York was beyond my expectations. I will definitely be going there again, hopefully for another convention. I have never learned so much about journalism as I did in those three days in New York. I am very grateful for the experience and that would not be possible without The Collegian in my life.

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