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GPC president resigns

By David Schick

Two weeks ago a general email was sent out to all GPC employees from the Office of Financial and Administrative Affairs stating that a restriction of spending “in the areas of travel, purchasing, contracts, consultants, and other expenditures,” as well as “a hiring freeze of new employees is effective immediately.”

The email stated that GPC “must take action to reduce costs and bring expenditures in line with available funds.” Since April 27, not a single penny has been allowed to be spent due to an apparent lack of funds.


Today at 3:39 p.m., all GPC employee’s received a message from Chancellor Huckaby of the USG Board of Regents which said, “Immediately upon learning of the shortfall, system fiscal and audit staff began working with GPC staff to determine the scope of the shortfall. After several days of analysis, staff determined that the shortfall is around $16 million … In light of the need for a fresh approach, President Anthony Tricoli has stepped down.”

During the transition, Dr. Alan Jackson, vice president of academic affairs, will serve as GPC’s acting president.

Chancellor Huckaby’s message also said that the USG “will reallocate funds internally and ensure that GPC will finish FY12 with a balanced budget.”

There is still the issue with damage control, since the financial shortfall will roll over into the next fiscal year. “We do not know at this time precisely the impact in every budget area, but it will be significant and will likely impact personnel,” said Huckaby’s message.

However, students need not worry because the tuition “will not be increased” beyond what the BOR has already approved.

Chancellor Huckaby thanked Dr. Tricoli for his dedication to GPC’s students and said, “He will join the system office to assist with initiatives in distance education, adult degree completion, and learning support programs.”

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