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Tricoli creates new presidency

By David Schick


What is The Global Center for the Advancement of Higher Education?

The latest venture of former GPC president, Dr. Anthony Tricoli.

According to the website, GCAHE “was created to provide educational institutions and educational ministries from around the globe with the support they need to raise their educational programs to a level of excellence.”

The point of contact is the C.E.O. and President, Dr. Tricoli.

Under the president’s bio section, it lists Tricoli’s “34 years of experience leading colleges and directing manufacturing and technical training training programs in private businesses,” but no mention of his tenure at GPC.

Among the consultants listed is Dr. Karla Drenner, a Georgia House of Representative member.

The website is listed as “under construction” in several sections, but most notably in the area for testimonials. Also, there is a rendering of Latin text in the “recent updates” mostly like being used as a placeholder for unavailable content (often known as “greeking”).

According to the domain name registry, the “GCAHE.com” domain was created on June 20 and registered by Dr. Tricoli.

Update: the website (www.gcahe.com) went off-line sometime between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m.
Here are screenshots of what it looked like:

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  • Ludovicus

    Dollars to doughnuts it’s Beth Jensen…

    • JT

      Wrong, Ludovicus. It was a staff person who was laid off, but why list the person’s name and open the individual up to snide remarks?

  • Site owner

    The domain registration information for gcahe.com is

    Tricoli, Anthony anthonystricoli@gmail.com
    The Global Center for the Advancement of Higher Education
    8140 Tynecastle Dr.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30350
    United States
    404 862-4410

  • familiar names among consultants

    If you have screenshots of the list of consultants, please post them. Among the names are Tricoli’s wife and one of the people laid off from GPC.