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Green thumbs grow charitable donations

By Kierra Johnson


Tyrie Smith at Decatur’s organic garden. Photo by Kierra Johnson/Collegian Staff



Last summer, students and faculty pitched in to grow organic foods on Decatur Campus and gave away five hundred pounds of food to The United Methodist Children’s Home.

“I don’t think we will match the five hundred pounds we gave last year, but we will be donating quite a lot,” said Dr. Tyrie Smith, an English professor at Decatur campus and one of the managers of the community garden since the spring semester. “Right now we’re planting fall crops, primarily leafy greens and some root veggies … We use only organic fertilizers and do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides. And we grow primarily heirloom varieties.”

Just like many other cities in modern times, Decatur has grown into a place where virtually all food is bought from farms in other areas or sometimes from other states across the country.
Smith is passionate about reversing that effect, striving “to alleviate that disconnect between modernity and nature.”  The community garden is a perfect place for that gap to shrink for Decatur students.

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