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Walk to Miami

By Kierra Johnson


As a part of the “Walk Yourself to Wellness” program, Decatur Health and Wellness began a fall walking program on Sept. 23 with a new goal in mind this semester.

When walkers finish this program, they will have walked to Miami.

Of course they won’t literally reach the city, but the goal for all walkers is 662 miles; the distance from Decatur to Miami.

There are two outdoor courses for the traditional walkers, one half mile and the other one and a half miles.

For the ones who want to stay indoors, there is an indoor course that is about a about a third of a mile and miles can be completed on the treadmill, elliptical or bike machines.

Each walker documents their miles and gives them to Health and Wellness every Friday after he or she registers.

The more miles that are completed, the more walkers qualify for incentives, which will be given out on November 12th.

Even without the material benefits, all walkers will benefit from the exercise.
Walking isn’t just for calorie burning, it increases cardiovascular activity, which creates better blood flow to the heart and also increases flexibility, reduces stress, and keeps joints healthy.

Those who have not registered still have the opportunity to participate in a great program with great benefits.

For more information about the program, contact Arlette Ross at arlette.panel-ross@gpc.edu.

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