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ALEKS says teach it yourself

By Wanda Jackson


Who is ALEKS?

The learning support math that replaced what was formerly known as Math 97.

It is a self-paced course that students throughout GPC can learn and retain math at their own comfort level. However, it feels more like a do-it-yourself course.

This is a learning support class not a teach yourself class. The consensus amongst most students is: Why come to class? I can stay at home and teach myself.

College students are encouraged to form peer study groups, but that is virtually impossible with ALEKS. Students are too consumed with teaching themselves the various topics in preparation for topic completion, assessment testing, and passing the COMPASS exit exam.

When the decision makers decided to convert to this type of learning did they consider the student? Inside an ALEKS classroom, there is very little life – just students staring at their computer screens. Throughout the Clarkston Campus ALEKS has been called “the devil,” and this is one of the nicer names.

I would encourage the college officials to get feedback from a variety of students because I think that the ALEKS class needs a different approach.

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