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Dunwoody SGA use televisions to engage students

By Leslie Mele

The Dunwoody Student Government Association’s project “I Am GPC” is getting closer to a launch date.

This project, is a media driven method designed to bring awareness of campus news, events, and information of interest to students via the television screens in the student center.

Throughout the month of October members of the SGA worked to gain the skills necessary to produce quality programming with a professional look.

Olivia Hightower, I Am GPC team leader, along with the entire SGA body completed certification training from the Media Spot in the operation of camera equipment, basic audio recording, and editing.

At the SGA Nov. 2 meeting, Hightower presented four potential introductions.

“I wanted to connect the students with what is going on,” said Hightower.

Senator Howard Tang suggested the “potential for plugging in photos of recent events.”

Team member and Senator Marcus Mitchell discussed that he had spoken to GPC’s athletic director who noted that he would like students to be more aware of the college’s teams.

He has given his approval for SGA to interview coaches and players of GPC’s basketball teams. Plans are in effect to film during the upcoming game and at Homecoming.

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