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Illusionist and mind reader dazzles students

By David Schick

Illusionist and mind reader Eric Anderson dazzled GPC students on Nov. 5 during his performance at the Clarkston campus for Homecoming week.

“It’s a satanic ritual, I swear,” said Patrice Maxwell, Decatur SGA senator, when a blindfolded Anderson walked around guessing random objects in audience members’ hands.

Anderson performed what he said is his “favorite trick,” the cellphone trick, for his finale.

It started with a member of the audience calling a friend from her cellphone.

Using the audience member as go-between to the person on the cell phone, Anderson them to have that person randomly hold any amount of change in their hand.

A few minutes later, Anderson called out a number to the audience member who relayed it to their friend.

Anderson then asked to speak to the person on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, I was correct,” said Anderson after predicting the exact amount of change. “It was very strange.”

Eric Anderson, predicting objects in students’ hands. David Schick/ Collegian Staff

For students like Atticus Williams and Summer Niles, who had any doubt about the authenticity of magic before the show, they now fully believe in the paranormal.

“It’s demonic spirits,” said Niles.

“I’d really like to see this again,” said Williams

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