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Learning and Tutoring Center: Saving Money and Working Together

By Ashley Oglesby

Despite 40% of the learning and tutoring center budget being cut, students are still getting the attention they need. GPC faculty are volunteering 1-2 hours of their time per week to students who require extra assistance.

The center will also receive help from professional tutors, high school teachers, student teachers at other colleges, and many others that value education.

Mary Hamilton, coordinator of the learning and tutoring center, encourages students to come into the center for tutoring once or twice a week. “Students think it’s when you’re not doing well but, any student can benefit from coming into the center, it is improvement on yourself. The center and tutors are here just to make sure that you are headed in the right direction.”

The learning and tutoring center gives students the option of one-on-one sessions with either a teacher or peer. Students more interested in sessions with peers are actually encouraged. “Students relate to students. They are comfortable and able to give practical insight like, what certain teachers expectations are,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton advises that students that are unable to come in to the center make use of the online tutoring services. Students interested in becoming a peer tutor must be faculty recommended.
For more information please contact Mary Hamilton at Mary.Hamilton@gpc.edu.

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