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Seminar educates about depression

By Kaila Thompson

On Oct. 30 there was a workshop explaining the types of depression that people deal with.

Ce’Trice Glenn puts on this seminar every year for students who may deal with depression.

“When a person becomes depressed they see life through a straw, they’ve lost the full picture,” said Glen during the seminar.

According to Glen, genetics, chemical imbalance and negative events can trigger depression. Even medications or using drugs, such as depressants can trigger depression or cause them to become even more depressed.

The two most common types of depression are Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

Major Depression is a type of depression that is long term that people has coped with.

Bipolar Disorder is characterized by mood swings from one extreme to the next every second.

A few ways to deal with depression includes taking a break from your daily life, exercising, getting a decent amount of sleep, counseling, and looking cognitive behavioral therapy.

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