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Collegian receives open records from USG

By David Schick


After 140 days, the Collegian has obtained records in response to its Open Record Act request, which was submitted to the University System of Georgia on July 18, 2012.

The USG initially responded with a $2,963 cost to fulfill the ORA request.

The Collegian subsequently contacted the Student Press Law Center who wrote a letter to the USG questioning the “excessive” costs. The USG responded by reducing the cost to $1,882.

SPLC then referred the Collegian to Attorney Daniel Levitas who wrote another letter to the USG stating that the fees seemed “arbitrary, capricious, and deliberately designed to obstruct access to public information of obvious critical concern.

Levitas demanded a reduction of the fees under the threat of filing a law suit.

Following the letter from Levitas, the USG reduced the cost to $291 – a 90% reduction from the original estimate.

Despite the compromise, the USG spent an additional 42 days extracting, preparing, and reviewing the documents for “proprietary information.”

Levitas wrote an email stating that the delay was “troublesome” and requested that the USG “release the records as promised with all deliberate speed.”

The documents obtained by the Collegian so far only represent a partial amount of the Open Records Act request.


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  • christie

    One hundred and forty days, wow!
    Why did it take so long?
    What were they hiding from you?
    Are you sure you got all of the records?
    How do you know if they gave you everything or they’re holding information back from you?
    What were these open records for?
    Can you please post the list of open records you requested?

    I don’t trust the USG. I hope you get all of the records soon.