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MLK Day of Service

Photo by James Pennie
Photo by James Pennie

By Troi Charity


On Jan 21., GPC students and members of the community will celebrate the school day off and join together for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.
The MLK day of service will be facilitated by Mary Elizabeth Tyler- Boucebci. Boucebci posted flyers for the event informing prospective volunteers of the mission for the national holiday, “ The day of service is for remembering Dr. King in a way he would have wanted. It is a time to think about the communities we come from.”

Martin Luther King Day of Service is a college wide event funded by the Student Activity Fund. GPC has 14 different sites for
community work. In order to participate in the Day of Service, students must sign up. Events will be conducted from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Participants will be given a t-shirt, refreshments during the event.

“I feel really privileged and happy to be a part of this program to help out the community because people take Martin Luther King Day for granted,”said Zaire Lemond, first time volunteer with the Day of Service.”It’s not only students who are participating. Professors have taken it upon themselves to incorporate MLK Day into their curriculum, some are using it as an extra credit and others are joining their students on events.

Richard King , Political Science professor, said ” it’s a fun thing. People are involved, it’s always great being with the community. GPC community especially. Go jaguars!” King added that the history and politics club will take part in the events that GPC has planned. So we look for that and we get it moving as we can.”

For more information, please visit Gpc.edu/MLK

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