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Player Profiles

By Milly Beccera


(left to right) Keenan Harris, Junious Prowell, Aleksandar Milosavljevic
 Keenan Harris and Junious Prowell
Courtesy of GPC website



Name: Keenan Rashad Harris Age:23 Height:6’4 Weight:205

Position: guard/forward

Wearing number 25 for the Jaguars this season is Keenan Harris. This “laid back” southern boy born in Birmingham, Alabama but raised in Decatur Georgia, is the perfect addition to the starting lineup for the GPC Jaguars Men’s basketball team. Keenan, who is a transfer from Atlanta Metro College, is currently pursuing a degree in criminal Justice and plans on continuing his education at Georgia State University. Keenan is in love with his beautiful 7 month old daughter who gives him daily inspiration and motivates him to do his best at everything he does in life. During his time away from school and the court, Keenan spends time caring for his daughter or enjoying time with his family. For the rest of the season Keenan plans on giving his all to bring another Championship home to the GPC Jaguars!


Name: Junious Prowell Age: 19 Height: 6’1 Weight: 165

Position: Point guard

The Jaguars “key guy for defense” in none other than freshman Junious Prowell.

Fresh outta High school, and with only four years playing basketball, Junious Prowell came from being 3rd string to starting point guard. With dedication and hard work, Prowell managed to earn trust from his teammates and coaches to be fit for the job.Teammates say Junious is always looking to make a pass and has an intense energy that the whole team feeds off.  In his spare time Junious enjoys writing poetry about life and what’s important to him . After growing up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, Junious found hope in basketball and it’s what gives him the energy to lead the Jaguars in to victory.













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