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Financial aid lines worth the wait

Photo by Ashley Oglesby
Photo by Ashley Oglesby



By Jahret Rainey


During the first week of classes financial aid offices are swarmed with students and this year is no different.

Students complain that the lines are too long.

Many of the students in the line have been waiting well overan hour to meet with one of the financial aid advisors.

Ilene Davis, enrollment and registration advisor, said one way to avoid long waits each semester is “don’t wait until the last minute.” She added that one reason students have a hard time is because students do not bring all the documents needed.

Davis noted that students have to leave and come back because they forgot needed documents for registration.

One student who wanted to remain anonymous said, “theprocess is very long. I have been in the financial aid office more than 20 times in the past couple of months.

The student shared that she is from a different state which she predicts could be one reason that she has had a difficult time registering.

Although financial aid seemed hectic in the beginning of the semester, students agreed that they were willing to wait and reap the rewards.

Financial aid helps students pay for college through FederalPrograms such as work study, grants and loans which takes some of the load off of student’s pockets.

“Financial aid has helped me with Pell grant and because of it I am able to further my education,” DeMarius Terrell.

For any additional information and assistance please visitthe Financial Aid Office on your campus.


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    This may have been more worthwhile to read if it were written as a “what not to do” story.