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The Collegian honored at the Georgia College Press Association and Press Institute

By Ashley Oglesby


Athens, Ga — On Saturday, Feb. 2, The Collegian staff of Georgia Perimeter College attended the annual Georgia College Press Association Institute which was held at The Classic Center in downtown Athens.

This year’s program provided print journalism professionals and students from community and college newspapers across the state the opportunity to attend 21 sessions presented by newspaper professionals and college professors.

More than 200 student journalist, faculty advisers and professional journalists were in attendance.

“The conference was inspiring,” said Troi Charity, managing editor of The Collegian.

Charity added, “the conference opened my eyes to the bigger picture. It helped me understand that I’m not perfect and know that the professionals were once where I am now.”

Among the topics at the institute were communications law, sports writing, community journalism, investigative reporting, lede writing, newspaper layout and design, and multimedia.

Students also had the opportunity to have their newspapers critiqued by more than a dozen experts in the field.

GCPA honored students for their hard work and excellence in newspaper journalism at the Better Newspaper Contest Awards Ceremony and Luncheon. 163 awards were presented to 19 college newspapers.

The Collegian collected several awards for the two year division.

Awards and judges comments below:

1st Place – Improvement Award

1st Place – General Excellence

1st Place – Best Campus Community Service – Editorial

“Editorial page needs a consistent look and location. Newspaper editorial needs to stand out and be separated from personal columns. “Letter From Editor” should actually be the newspaper’s voice. With all that criticism started — the fact is The Collegian simply ‘gets it’. They understand the role of a newspaper and the importance of taking a stand on issues that matter. BOLD. COURAGEOUS.STRONG.RELEVANT!

1st Place – Best Campus Community Service – Sports

“Has look and feel of a 4-year college daily. Nice use of art, good stories and focus on GPC athletics makes this no. 1 in its category. Definitely provides a service to GPC students and the school at large.”

1st Place – Best Photograph – Feature

“Nice job telling the story. Strong photo feature.”

1st Place – Best News Article – Objective Student: David Schick

“Strong story, laden with information, names + statistics. Exactly the kinf of article newspapers need. Unbiased and informative.”

1st Place – Best News Article – Investigative Student: David Schick

1st Place – Best Editorial or Editorial Series Student: David Schick

2nd Place – Layout and Design

“Great informational graphic – Aug. 29 issue, page 3. Good layout. Good clean sharp photos. Gray scale design is a good shade – not muddy. Easy to read and follow jumps.”

2nd Place – Best Editorial or Editorial Series

2nd Place – Best Campus Community Service – News

“Good variety of topics…”

2nd Place – Best Campus Community Service – Features Student: Erin Cotter

2nd Place – Best Photograph – Sports Student: Rhett Lewis

3rd Place – Best Photograph – Sports Student: Rhett Lewis

“One for the team – rule of thirds cropping is very well done. Image is in focus with minimal motion blur that worked to add another element to photo. Lighting is a little off – might need to adjust camera settings or correct white balance in post editing.”

3rd Place – General Photography

“Excellent use of photos and cropping. Very impressed…”

The Georgia College Press Association officer and board elections were held Saturday. The newly elected board and officers come from six different colleges and will hold one-year terms. President, Sabastian Wee of Georgia State University; Vice President, Jessie Reese of Georgia Southern University; Treasurer, Leigh Beeson of Georgia Regents University; Secretary, Ashley Copeland of University of West Georgia; 4-year college board members, Lindsay Gaskins of Georgia Southern University, Rhett Lewis of Georgia State University and David Schick of Georgia State University; 2-year college board members, Sarah Lane of Georgia Highlands College and Ashley Oglesby of Georgia Perimeter College.

For more information, visit www.gapress.org/gcpa.html.

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