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GPC gets closer to the stars

By Georgina Villani


Students took an out of class adventure to see Jupiter.

On Jan. 24, Life Science Professor, Pamela Gor assigned her Clarkston campus class to, “have a real life experience, something they will always remember.”With the help of Lab.Coordinator, Fred Bulls, a telescope was set up to view Jupiter in the courtyard nearest to the B-building.

As students waited in line to view Jupiter, they used cell
phone applications to map out the constellations.

Students discussed amongst one another their view through
the telescope, of Jupiter and its ridges, but also three of the moons surrounding it.

Bulls noted to students that the ability to view Jupiter this clear is due to it’s brightness from the Earth’s moon.

Jupiter’s closeness to Earth’s moon has been a topic of discussion this week.

According to NBC News, the giant planet kept the moon
company on Inauguration night and has since been moving further away from the moon.

Pamela Gor’s class was fortunate to have a professor who shared this experience with them.


Photo by Hana Bekele
Photo by Hana Bekele



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