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“Madame Butterfly” lands in GPC theaters

By Colby Crump


On Jan., 11 GPC Clarkston Cole Auditorium opened its doors to theater goers for the Peach State Opera’s performance of the late-19th century and early-20th century, Italian opera Madame Butterfly. The play was composed by Giacoma Puccini.

Madame Butterfly is a story of a young geisha by the name of Cio-Cio San (pronounced “Cho Cho”) who
chooses to give up her family and religion to marry Lt. Pinkerton, a young naval officer who is stationed in Japan.

The primarily middle-aged and casually dressed audience filled the auditorium seats, the lights dimmed and founding artistic director of the Peach State Opera, Evelyn Hughes, stood to begin conducting the pianist and solo violinist.

The pianist begins to play, and the first of three acts opens with Pinkerton and Goro, a marriage broker, arranging the marriage of convenience for Lt. Pinkerton. Cio-Cio San (Butterfly) prepares for her marriage to Lt. Pinkerton.

Madame Butterfly is directed by Dr. Tamara Watson Harper who also holds the title role as Butterfly. Dr. Harper, a lyric soprano, has held a faculty position on the Georgia Perimeter Clarkston Campus and has taught various voice classes.

“I enjoyed the Madame Butterfly Opera,” said Mia Jones, a first time opera attendant and non-student.
Jones added, “honestly, I wasn’t sure if opera was something I was open to enjoying, but I would actually
like to see more now!”

The Peach State Opera has previously performed the plays “Magic Flute” and “Elixir of Love” in the Cole Auditorium and is an artist affiliate of the college.

If you unable to see Madame Butterfly do not stress about it. Remaining performances by the Peach State
Opera are Jan., 27 at The Historic Ritz Theater in Brunswick, Jan., 31 at the Howard Auditorium in Tifton, and Feb., 10 at the Falany Performing Arts Center in Waleski.

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