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New fitness program offered to get students back in shape

By Leslie Mele

A modern fitness program alternative to yoga and zumba is being offered to students who want to get in shape this spring at the Dunwoody campus.

The aptly named Guts and Butts is a total body fitness workout incorporating stretching, cardio and exercises aimed at toning the above mentioned body parts. Led by instructor Gwen Loud Johnson, students are put through their paces with a combination of physical and verbal instructions. Johnson, who also taught this program at Kennesaw State University, said the program can best be described as a total body workout.

“It uses multiple sets of exercise to work the body through acomplete range of motion which results in a high calorie burn,” Johnson said.

Johnson shows great enthusiasm as she motivates students to do “one more”. She also assists students with proper form. Those who take the class say she is known to quickly point out when a student needs to stand straighter or complete the full range of the exercise in order to prevent injury and get the full benefit of the exercise.

Additionally, Johnson offers water breaks throughout the routine to insure students remain properly hydrated GPC student, Cody Rogers said he really enjoys the class.

“We need more people,” said Rogers.

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:15 to 12:45 in room 1100 of the F-building. There is no cost to participate and no particular equipment required except for comfortable workout attire and perhaps a water bottle.

The class is structured for all skill levels so everyone is welcome.

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