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Tacking debt is still a hassel

By Tammara Green


GPC students share
one thing in common no
matter the age or major, the
worries of money. Getting
accepted can be the easy
part, but where do you get
the funds?

Former student Faith
Ingram stated, “to get by
I used my refunds and
took out loans to support
my children.”

Ingram has made no
preparations for repaying her
loans. She added, “I’ll cross
that bridge when I get there.”
Cases like Ingram’s is a
common issue on campus.

GPC student DeShon
Rowland said, “I do receive
financial aid, unfortunately it
was cut in half so I did have to
take out a loan.”

Students agree that
tackling debt can be hard.
Some students have found
strategies and useful resources
to minimize what they
will owe.

“I receive Pell grant, no
hope or other scholarships
but I balance my lifestyle by
saving,” said Brenda Thomas,
Gpc student.

For others having a
part time job has proved to
be helpful.
Octavis Gerbier, gpc
student, stated, “I work two
jobs and after paying expenses
I save left-over money
and refunds.”

Ingram noted,”although
attending college can become
overwhelming, the benefits
are tremendous.”

College admissions
expert Katherine Cohen,
Ph.D, stated, “over a lifetime
those with college degrees
make at least half a million
dollars more than a person
with just a high school
diploma. With the economy
in recovery the workforce is
competitive, but with that
extra knowledge chances are
more favorable.”

Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau (CFPB), a
company with a mission to
make markets for consumer
financial products and
services work for Americans
— provides assistance for
students with paying for
college, managing college
money and repaying
student debt.
Students are encouraged
to reach out to CFPB and
like-companies to

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