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Why My Rate Professor is Awesome

By Ashley Montia


I would highly recommend that students look at this site and read the ratings and comments for the professors before signing up for their classes.

Prior to using ratemyprofessor, I would have to say I’ve had the worst of luck finding an adequate professor.

For instance, this past fall semester, I took a professor that was not pleasant, for use of better words. The classroom
discussions were tolerable however, I found his grading and his attitude to be harsh.

After finals were over a friend told me about ratemyprofessors.com. I looked up the professor and after seeing the ratings and comments left by other students, it’s no wonder. No one had a good experience with this professor. I took that time to look up other past professors to see their ratings and soon realized that although anonymous, the site was quite accurate.

All of the professors whose classes I struggled with all received low ratings. I wish I’d known sooner about the site.
I like it. I appreciate the warning of what my professors might be like before making the decision to sit in their classrooms for a full semester.

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  • Diana

    Take what they say on that website with a grain of salt the size of a school bus… disgruntled students post awful (to say the least) reviews blaming their poor performance on the professor. However, it is very useful for students that want to find professors that hand easy As like they are cupcakes.