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Why Rate My Professor Sucks

By Katherine Kerfoot


Eh? What’s this thing called ratemyprofessors.com? Is it crunchable? For those of you who didn’t try to choose your professors by looking at this site, DON’T! At least, don’t until you take a really close look at it.

For Georgia Perimeter College, there are FIVE pages. Most professors are listed under Georgia Perimeter College- Decatur, whether they work there or not. Good luck even finding your professor. Life is much simpler if you type in the professor’s first and last name. Some professors are not listed at all.

Let’s be serious. The only people who rate their professors either loved them or hated them, and therefore passionate
in their positive (or negative) views. The people in the middle don’t care enough to speak up. Take everything said with the clichéd grain of salt.

Oh, every professor has a chance to read their ratings and respond on the rebuttal section of their own page, and on the ‘Professors Strike Back’ page. Careful what you write!

Please (don’t) disregard

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  • shane roddrick

    Rate my professor is a joke. If you actually felt the professor was this unfair or was treating you against the codes of conduct you would go to the dean or drop the class as soon as you got into it. This is a place for people to say “F* that guy” or “OMG! I love her!” The thing is too, look at the level of writing skill used by those who write the negative reviews. They tend to be far below average college level… I wonder why it is that they’re writing a negative review of a college professor at a 7th grade level? Oftentimes it leaves doubts as to whether or not these people should even be in college.

    • Andraa Cram

      While I generally agree with you on the negative reviews, for me, I only take into consideration reviews that actually say something about the class. I look for tips such as focus on ppt’s, record lecture, textbook not needed, or kept my interest the whole time. I have yet to be surprised by a professor after reading them.

      However, I’m taking stats, with the only professor that was available, and the reviews stated she was awful and unhelpful. Very general statements, but they were/are spot on. This has been a completely self-taught class, but at least I knew what I was getting myself into.

      Ratemyprofessors has been a great tool for me, and that’s my 2 cents.