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Ink it or Leave it

By Daniella Medina

Some refer to them as a form of self-expression; others may call them a mistake. They’re appreciated by many and hated by most of our parents but one thing is certain about the social phenomena, once they get on your skin they are very hard to get rid of! And if they’re so difficult to remove why would anyone even want to get a tattoo? The truth is tattoos have long been frowned upon, they used to be considered tacky or even “gang related” but it seems to have become more socially acceptable, and even a trend in recent years.

GPC student Lunna Zamarron said, “As generations progress, it will become the norm, its personal expression. Obviously it’s important to you if you’re going to put it on your body.” Many tattoo fanatics consider them to be personal art because tattoos become a part of one’s body. They have become much more than just mindless body decoration; they are a form of storytelling. They’re stored images of events, people, or phrases meaningful to the individual that has them. However, tattoos aren’t popular with everyone. Some argue that removing something that is meant to be “permanent” could end up being very expensive and is just not worth the risk.

GPC student, Brianna Young said, “Nothing valuable comes from them, they’re a waste of money.” Ms. Young added that tattoos also don’t look good in the professional world, that they may potentially harm your career opportunities. Some of course may argue that that depends on the field you go into.  Many people struggle with the thought of having something permanent on their skin like GPC student, Randy Gonzales said, “Tattoos are permanent, and I’ll most likely end up regretting it so that’s why I would never get one.” As you can see, there are pros and cons that come with getting “inked.” For some, tattoos give artistic freedom, for others they end up being a financial headache. The truth is there is no right or wrong side; it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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