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NFL Offseason talk

By: Veejai Ashbey

With Super Bowl XLVII behind us, there’s no gridiron action to watch for the next six months, meaning there’s going to be ton of offseason drama that our ears will be perked up too. Moves will be made, free agents will be signed, and college players will be drafted. There’s no doubt that all 32 NFL teams need to improve in some aspect but there are three teams in particular that are in serious use of talent.
3. Green Bay Packers have a lot of needs that should to be addressed this offseason if they intend to bring the Lombardi back to Titletown, the most daunting of which are on the defensive side of the ball. The Pack’s defense improved from the bottom of the barrel in 2011; to a top ten defense this season. However, one area that they poorly faltered in was run defense. A powerful LB to complement Clay Matthews would do wonders for the front seven, and a reliable DT to help stuff the middle with BJ Raji couldn’t hurt either.
2. Arizona Cardinals In a 3-year span Arizona has cycled through roughly six quarterbacks, each one worse than the next. It seemed like every time I watched a Cardinals game there was a new face behind center that made me wonder how in the world he got to the NFL (I’m looking at you Ryan Lindley). Imagine how dynamic this team would be if Fitz had a great QB chucking him the pigskin. The Cardinals might not have to look too far cause the answer could lay in their very own division. Yes, Alex Smith from the 49ers is somebody who can help the Cardinals fly again.
1. New York Jets Of course the circus called the New York Jets are on top of this list. They need a quarterback, a running back, offensive lineman, a tight end, linebackers and wide receivers. The only thing the Jets don’t need are corners and that’s unless they don’t trade Darrelle Revis. The New York Jets last season were a complete and utter abomination (hence the butt fumble). That won’t end until they actually have a serviceable football team, which they aren’t even close to having right now.

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