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Speed Dating and Safe Sex — Peer up educates students on Valentine’s Day

By Troi Charity

On Feb 14 GPC Jaguar Activity Group partnered with Peer Up (Peer Educating and Encouragement regarding unintended Pregnancy) and the Pre-Chemistry Club for a Valentines Day event on Clarkston campus.

Alan Johnson, JAG entertainment chair said, “ JAG is hosted a basketball/carnival theme, you bring your date to win a teddy bear, dolphin or tiger. The Chemistry

club is making their own ice cream.”

Many couples stepped up to shoot some hoops on the basketball goals provided. Daniel Greathouse, GPC Student said, “I think its very interactive and fun. It gives me a chance to meet somebody and win a prize.”

Peer Up set up a speed dating along with a informational segment about safe sex.

“We are educating them on condom usage, fear of condom usage ,other forms of contraceptives and how long they last, where

to get it from, and other general sexual health questions,” said Tavia Parson, Peer Up member.

Naomi Gregory, GPC student said that she expected comedy but still enjoyed herself. “I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot but I knew a lot because of the questions they asked.”

Parson mentioned, “later this month we are going to have an entire seminar about sexual health when we can get more in depth.”

For more information about Peer Up visit them on the web at http://www.gcapp.org/peer

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